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Improve your metadata.
Automate your workflow.
Save time and sell more books.

Here’s how.

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Better metadata

Bibliocloud is, at its heart, metadata management software for publishers. Add new products in seconds. Update and complete your metadata with ease. Improve the quality, discoverability and timeliness of your metadata so that your books reach more readers, sooner – and you sell more copies.

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A laptop showing the preview of an ONIX feed, with an iPad in landscape orientation, showing part of an ONIX transfer template

ONIX feeds

Where there’s metadata, there’s ONIX: Bibliocloud is ONIX software for publishers, too. Bibliocloud’s automated data feeds eliminate manual data entry, saving you increased time as your list grows. Deliver your data to recipients worldwide, from Nielsen to Amazon, Ingram, NBNi and your other trading partners. Refresh your backlist through rich, incremental updates. Reduce human error, improve your discoverability and sell more books.

Spreadsheet exports

And Bibliocloud is reporting software for publishers, too. Download instant bulk exports of all your products, prices, stock history and more. Build your own custom spreadsheets using Bibliocloud’s flexible custom report templates. From publishing schedules to distributor spreadsheets, and even your mailing lists: Bibliocloud saves you time and ensures data accuracy across the supply chain.

A screenshot of a page in Bibliocloud where you can either customise spreadsheet exports or download one of the pre-made ones
PDF advance information sheets showing Bibliocloud's beautiful design aesthetic

Beautiful advance info sheets

Bibliocloud is marketing software for publishers as well. No more copying-and-pasting into InDesign. With Bibliocloud, automatically generate beautiful information sheets for all your products, and then download them in bulk whenever you need. Your AIs are accurate, up-to-date and compelling to retailers so you focus on the work that matters.

And reuse your metadata on automatically generated elegant internal and third-party briefing documents, so you never have to copy and paste ISBNs and blurbs in emails to designers again. From issue tracking and briefing notes to key date management, Bibliocloud turns data into action.

Briefing notes in PDF format showing the reuse of data already in the system

Publishing schedules

Bibliocloud is also scheduling and workflow software for publishers. Streamline your workflow and automate best practice by creating templates for your publishing schedules. Keep track of key dates and deadlines across multiple schedules and a growing list. Estimate and measure your schedules so you address bottlenecks, eliminate waste and publish faster and more accurately over time.

Link your personal or corporate calendaring system into Bibliocloud, and show your tasks and publication schedules alongside team vacations and personal appointments, all in one place with helpful links back to the system.

A laptop showing the list of tasks in Bibliocloud for a particular work
Adobe Acrobat displaying a contract generated automatically from Bibliocloud


Alongside royalties, Bibliocloud is contract software for publishers. Store your contract data in Bibliocloud so that manuscript delivery dates and rights information are at your team’s fingertips, forever – not buried in scanned PDFs or a filing cabinet. Generate beautiful, automated contracts for every title – and equip yourselves to automate your royalties, down the line.

Information gets forgotten if it’s in a Word doc, on someone’s email or in a filing cabinet. Bibliocloud keeps data alive and actionable, such as contracted advances due, gratis copies to be posted, and contractually-agreed manuscript delivery dates.


The best royalties system you’ll ever use. Leveraging the presence of contract and title data in the system, Bibliocloud is royalty software for publishers. Import your sales and historical royalty rates using our custom Google sheets. Automatically calculate royalties across all your titles, using your contract data. Automate beautiful PDF statements and download in bulk for efficient, professional communication with your authors.

A screenshot of Finder on a Mac showing a sheaf of automatically generated royalty statements. Bibliocloud's PDFs also open on a Windows machine!

And even more tools to eliminate complexity and improve your publishing capability

Read our documentation for a thorough look at all the ways Bibliocloud saves you time and money.

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